Nicole Ward / Guru Karam Kaur…

leads weekly classes in Hatha and Kundalini yogas, and hosts many self-development, networking, and musical events in Sonoma County, CA. Whether you are a new student, veteran Yogi, or a visitor to the area – the YwN community is always happy to host and serve you.  Nicole’s teaching caters to every level Yogi – encouraging a middle-of-the-path approach with patience & modifications for the therapeutically focused… as well as encouragement & advancements for practitioners looking for a challenge. Nicole offers a Weekly Group classes alongside Kids & Family classes, Workshop Series, and monthly Sadhanas.

“Yoga with Nicole is a very fun experience… She is encouraging and kind – a very helpful teacher. In her class, you learn balance and flexibility. You release all the energy in your body and stretch your muscles… You feel centered and relaxed after. I would recommend attending this class to anyone interested in yoga…”   -Alisha Spaletta, high school student

“… I wanted you to know how much I love yoga now because of you and how much it has done for me both emotionally and physically. You were a wonderful teacher and I’m very grateful to you for opening my eyes to how much I love it!”  – Julie Simpson

“Yoga with Nicole really benefits me in several different ways. Not only is Nicole teaching multiple community yoga classes but she endeavors towards working with every level of student. Every class you progress in your personal achievement. In Kundalini yoga, you mainly focus on developing strength and awareness – which you accomplish in every class. I am fulfilling a personal change, improving my physical health, and empowering my mental health.”   – Elena Foley, high school student

“I am very grateful to have Nicole as a yoga instructor at SYMA. Her extensive knowledge and warm easy nature allows her students to feel successful whether a beginner or more experienced yogi. She takes an extremely personal approach with her students to provide them with a practice unique to them. She helps us grow in our practice with patience and humor that only she can bring. She is a spiritual, insightful, compassionate person, who walks the walk of a yogi in her daily life. We are so fortunate to have her as a yoga instructor in Sonoma County.”  -Debbie Goan, Sonoma Mountain Flowers

“Nicole is by far the best Yoga guru I have ever had! She has a vast store of knowledge and explains moves, poses, breathing, how to get into poses, what a pose does for you, etc. etc. incredibly well. She brings an enthusiasm, passion and joie de vivre to every class and I always looked forward to each and every one of her classes. I left every class with a feeling of calmness and a job well done. She pushes but with care, she teaches so you learn, she fills you with a passion for yoga. It is easy to see that Yoga is a way of life for Nicole and it is who she is. I have never felt so safe and loved as I have in her classes and I wish I could take her class everyday!”  – Wasavika Dippel

“Nicole is an insightful, inspiring yogi and teacher, able to challenge and cultivate experienced yogis while, in the very same class, introducing newcomers to yoga in a non-threatening and engaging way. You wouldn’t think that it would be possible to smile – let alone laugh – while you’re holding onto your ankles behind your back on your belly. But that’s what Nicole’s classes are like. One of the things i admire most about Nicole as a teacher, is how seamlessly she is able to marry the mystical aspects of yoga to very clear explanations of how a yoga practice works in and on the body. In her classes, you aren’t just sweating through a series of poses – you begin to understand how the body and mind function as one, and you end up challenging yourself in ever more surprising ways. I’m hooked!”  –Ron Woloshun, Petaluma professional

“Nicole has exceptional skill, knowledge and experience in her teaching and practice of Yoga. She knows how to connect with her students and clients. I highly recommend Nicole, she is an extraordinary instructor.”   – Francisco Flores, Club One Studio Director

“Nicole is an exceptional Yogini and Teacher of Kundalini Yoga. She conducts a wonderful class using breath work which is an experience not to be missed. I highly recommend her for anyone who is looking for a fierce and compassionate Kundalini Teacher. She will rock your world.”  – Doneen Barone, Yoga Teacher

“Nicole is a great yoga instructor, kind, considerate and encouraging no matter what your level of ability. She inspired me as well as instructing me, and i credit her with my enjoyment of yoga, and my continuing practice of this art.”  – Myra Barker

“Nicole is an expert at what she does, combining passion and humility as a yoga instructor. Her service to our world as a teacher is priceless and I have been honored to be her student…”  -Kari Lobdell

“…I loved her classes: she is an inspiring and powerful instructor. As a long-term practitioner of Kundalini Yoga, finding Nicole and her classes was a powerful re-connection with the community and history of this life-changing yogic form.”  -Heidi Sue Roth, Yoga Teacher