Self Worth & Healing the Wounds of Life

Self Worth & Healing Wounds

To really be happy with who we are (and “walk our talk”) we’ve got to be in touch with the various aspects of ourselves and the way they interplay with one another. That is what this series is all about…. the Journey of the Self!

In this series of workshops, we’ll use our yogic technology to journey the path of self together – looking at the nature of the ‘self’ from a yogic perspective and talking about how to effectively address the issues that impede our health, happiness, and well-being. Whereas yoga and meditation tend to focus on the “gross” aspects of body and mind, the healing journey developed by Sat Santokh focuses on our ability to recognize the subtle. An opportunity like none other, I have found the journey to be an extremely powerful-yet-peaceful tool for self-transformation.

The Self Worth & Healing Wounds workshops reward students with a deep internal knowledge of who they are and what they have to offer the world. The workshop experience integrates yoga, deep relaxation, mantra, and guided imagery to acknowledge our sense of self and identify the impact that image has on our life.  Simply put…. Healing. Deeper.

“Virtually all of us have been wounded, whether it was once or twice, occasionally, or regularly. For most of us these wounds impact our lives in profound and subtle ways. We want to live our lives as radiant examples of how to live on the planet. We want to become aware of and develop an ongoing connection with our higher selves. But we find that we are blocked by fears of lack of self-worth. Sometimes we try to prove we are worthy, but nothing ever seems to be enough. We practice yoga and meditation, seeking inner peace, but it always seems elusive, not enough, something missing…”.    
Sat Santokh, Creator of Self Worth & Healing Wounds

As a lead Self Worth Guide & Trainer, my work is to assist you in developing an understanding of and relationship with the subtle body by leading your journey.

Using skills like those we gain from yoga and meditation – we will take the Journey of the Self  together and pull back the curtain on the story of living…


What is underneath, behind, or beyond our wounds?



5 Models to Choose From:
  • Introduction – 2hr, non-personal
  • 1-Day Group Experience – 6hr w/lunch
  • 3-Day Full Workshop – 13hr w/meals
  • Private Journey – 2hr
  • Continuing Journeyer – 20% discount

In doing this work, you’ll be able to:

  • Acknowledge the wounds and scars you have received to your sense of self
  • Identify the resulting impact on your life
  • Become clear on what negative self-images you are carrying
  • Release these negative self-images

… You’ll develop tools & techniques to deal with:

  • Feelings of self-doubt and “not good enough”
  • Questioning whether you have something to offer that could contribute to or be an example to others
  • Seeing a clear goal or vision for your life but fearing that you will not be able to manifest it
  • Comparing yourself with others and their achievements
  • Competition
  • Basing your identity on achievements

… You’ll leave with:

  •  A clear vision of yourself as a healthy worthy human being
  •  A regular daily practice to help maintain that image
  •  A community through which to give and receive support
Send me a short message (including which Model you prefer)… and let’s get started!