Yogic Living

YwN students learn to use their skills to support their life practice through a range of classes, workshops, and study groups that promote “powerful-yet-peaceful” self-transformation and growth through the technology of Yoga.

Workshops are typically longer than classes, allowing ongoing students to study more in-depth topics, philosophies, and concepts outside the usual classroom curriculum – including:

  • Family Yoga & Yoga for Kids – classes combine storytelling, games, song, dance, postures, breath work, meditation and deep relaxation to create an experience that is comfortable and fun for everyone. Based on the Radiant Child Yoga system of teaching yoga to children of all ages – our Kids classes allow children to explore on their own… while our Family Yoga classes get the whole gang to practice together.
  • Kirtan (Divine Praise) – is a form of mantra practice with roots from the devotional (Bhakti) practices within the Vedic traditions of India. Translated as narrating or describing in English, beautiful hymns, legendary stories, spiritual ideas, and devotional love are expressed through song in a communal performance of call-and-response style chanting. It is a shared heart-opening experience and rewards participants with a deep spiritual satisfaction.
  • Sadhana (Daily Practice) -offered by donation each month, Sadhana is the cornerstone to personal growth and the the foundation of a spiritual path.
  • Self Worth and Healing the Wounds of Life – in this series of workshops, we’ll use our yogic technology to journey the path of self together – looking at the nature of the ‘self’ from a yogic perspective and talking about how to effectively address the issues that impede our health, happiness, and well-being.
  • Seva (Selfless Service) – along with Sadhana (daily practice), and Simran (remembering of the divine), practicing Seva (selfless service) is fundamental to the yogi. It is a way to not only give back to the community, but is also considered a yogic path in itself (Karma Yoga).
  • Summer and Winter Solstice – special times in the yogic lifestyle where we celebrate, meditate, and care for each other in hopes that we can elevate both within ourselves and in our communities.
  • Swadyaha (Study Groups) – designed for those who wish to pursue a deeper understanding of yoga, it’s systems/history/methodology… and consequently themselves – Swadhaya is as much about studying texts, scriptures and manuals as it is about studying ourselves.
  • White Tantric Yoga – a group meditation practice that is safe, subtle, and deeply rewarding. The practice works on clearing the subconscious mind through meditative exercises.