Seva – the practice of selfless service

Along with Sadhana (daily practice), and Simran (rememberance of the divine), practicing Seva (selfless service) is fundamental to the yogi. It is a way to not only give back to the community, but is also considered a yogic path in itself (Karma Yoga).

YwN kindly offers its selfless service in our growing community by:

YwN regularly hosts benefit events to support these programs and our selfless servers are what make it work!!  These incredible people are featured on our website/videos and support our events with everything from studio cleaning and flyer making to potluck dishes, tea prepping, and assisting at events. Selfless servers and karma yogis (sevadars) attend events at no cost in exchange for their participation. If you are INSPIRED TO JOIN our group of local miracle workers – please send us an email, call, or come to class and connect with Nicole today!

Looking for a local Seva event???

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